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 American AITEK company, will provide you with a comprehensive solution. Whether you need a complete set of equipment, or custom equipment -AITEK can provide you with the right solution. With the supporting series of accessories, ensure the efficient and safe operation in various applications. Operating safety is important. Meet all requirements of ATEX, UL, PTB, VDE, and CE. AITEK pump adopts non-fixed installation form, flexible use, can meet the needs of future development. A focus on safety and reliability and on coping with change are the underlying factors that help us become a successful multinational. We faithfully follow the meaningful requirements provided to us by our customers and will continue to provide the foundation for innovative ideas. AITEK is a reliable partner in the field of specialized fluid handling. As a supplier, we provide our customers with innovative, high quality pumps and their supporting systems. Accurate measurement is important in the laborator... [more]